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Learn About Life with Our Energy & Love Readings

Learn the secrets hiding in your own life with Psychic of Columbus Circle in New York, New York. We offer a range of energy and love readings that can help you understand the deeper influences in your life and make better decisions along the way. Palm reading, tarot cards, and a variety of other methods are used to uncover those hidden influences.

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Love Readings

Don't give up on your happiness yet. Our love readings can help you understand how to find or restore love and passion. These are the most powerful, positive ways to give yourself the knowledge and the upper hand in dealing with your partner. Is your significant other cheating? Are you single and looking? Learn about your love life and when you might find your true love with us. Of course, we can also help with sex, dating, beauty, and relationship advice. Trust us to provide all the information you need to make the most of your time on this planet. Readings are $60, and some questions you can find answers to include:

  • Is this the right person for me?
  • What does this person really feel about me?
  • Should I pursue this relationship?
  • How can I bring out the best of my love?

Energy Readings

Our job is to help you make the best choices you can, and create a life that is truly yours, full of what means the most to you. These energy readings can show you the past, the present, and what the future can be. These are more in-depth readings for questions you've asked, and can show your love, marriage, career, and relationships with children and others, as well as inform you in matters of business, health, divorce, lawsuits, and money. Trust us to show a map of how you can bring about the fullness of life that is the hallmark of your authentic self. For just $70, you'll have the information necessary to take more control of your future. This spiritual advice could lead to drastic change and advancement in your life, so contact us today.

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Tarot Readings

Tarot cards provide a vehicle to read your present and future. These readings cover marriage, love, and career, and can give detailed answers to your questions for just $50.


Palm readings help to understand your present, explain your characteristics, and detail your current situations. As a general reading, it's a steal at $25.