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Learn the Secrets of the Stars with Astrological Readings

Astrology readings and charts from Psychic of Columbus Circle use the placement of the planets and stars to help you understand your life and the situations around you. There are several different methods of reading the stars and planets that can be used. We practice deep, rich, and complex astrological arts that show the direction of your life. Using your date of birth and the placements of the stars and planets, we can show the blueprint for your soul. Each reading is distinct, just like a fingerprint, and works as a tool to show your most profound longings and your soul's mission.

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Encourage Your Soul

Astrological readings can encourage you, helping you feel more understood. Our clients often report a sense of gentle, loving permission and validation to be exactly who they are. Instead of continuing to circle the same pattern and tripping, you find it easier to move on in life and make the necessary changes. Your astrology chart will help you understand and articulate the pattern, and give you a clear direction in working with, healing, and finally, moving beyond it.

These readings will not put you in a box, and we strive to never make you feel that you are trapped or doomed by your planetary influences. Everything in your chart is designed to offer an opportunity to learn and grow on the journey to becoming more conscious and accepting of yourself. Proper charts cost from $100 to $500, and can take up to two weeks to create.