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About Us

Achieving peace, balance, and harmony in your life is something you have the power to create. Begin your journey in New York, New York, now with our in-depth, accurate, and unique psychic readings regarding your past, present, and future. At Psychic of Columbus Circle, our goal through spiritual guidance is to empower you to make the best choices along your pathway. Our gifted psychic have more than 15 years of experience, and ability that allows us to see and hear information that you cannot. With these abilities, we can receive detailed and specific information about a situation or problem in your life. We pick up on names and initials, timelines, descriptions, outcomes, actions, and much more.

Trust Our Experts

Our expertise includes being a gifted intuitive clairvoyants, empaths, tarot readers, counselors, and advisors.  We can help you solve everyday problems and the paranormal. With the help of the Higher Power, we provide answers and guidance for any problem you face in your life.

About Lanna

Lanna will answer all of your questions relating to your financial, career, and emotional affairs. She has never misadvised someone on any affairs of life such as love courtship, marriage, divorce, business, speculations, or transactions. It is her destiny to offer her psychic advice and spiritual guidance to serve others. Life is a journey and each one of us deserves to enjoy the ride.

Yes, there will be highs and lows on this journey. We can help you overcome your heartache and teach you how to feel and grow, and to experience love. Let us help you with your worries and problems and understand what you need to do to achieve the future you desire. We can feel the thoughts and feelings of others and can use our powers to see the feelings of your loved one. When we do this, you will get clarity into your relationship. This is a powerful tool to be used with extreme care.

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